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Cover.jpgSurveillance 2.0, Options Trading and Predictive Analytics     

As the capital markets continue to develop and grow more complex, IROs need to focus on expanding their stock surveillance intelligence to include all relevant points of market data. Investors and activists have become far more savvy when it comes to trading and in order for IROs to get the most out of surveillance, they need a system without the blind spot that comes with antiquated models.

IROs that have access to actionable intelligence and predictive analytics — powered by sophisticated quantitative models — will be able to gain a more complete, holistic perspective of capital flows and trading dynamics. This tech-driven process allows users to not only track institutional buyers and sellers, but for the first time, quantify and assess forward-looking market sentiment, scrutinize investor expectations, uncover drivers of stock movements, and proactively monitor for activism.

In this whitepaper, you’ll find real life examples of companies that went through major market shifts that were not detectable through traditional market intelligence and stock surveillance. Taking a quantitative, 360° approach, our indicators were able to detect tell-tale signs that change and market movement were in the air. We will break down what those signs were and outline the importance of monitoring these signs in order to stay ahead of market changes.

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